Enterprise Solutions

We define an “enterprise solution” as any business tool that reliably empowers you to access, share and apply resources with any of your peers and customers, anywhere, at any time. Because a solution, by any definition, is a response to a problem, we insist that it be simple to implement, flexible to deploy, and easy to use.

Client Challenges

Enterprise problems that call for enterprise solutions:

  • Legacy systems are resistant to interoperability
  • Data and content fail to integrate as they converge from different partners, locations, and storage systems
  • Persistent—yet inexplicable—obstacles to accessing data
  • The business has spread beyond what your IT can support as you engage new geographies, cultures, user bases, and bandwidth limits
  • Staggering transaction loads and rising demands for throughput and data storage

What ADA ITC Provides

Enterprise Solutions of ADA ITC improve operational efficiency and help you transform your business, empowering you to take advantage of emerging opportunities and market changes more quickly. From IT strategy and transformation to enterprise-wide software applications, we optimize technology and business processes.

Application expertise:
Our expertise and success are bolstered by long-term strategic alliances with the world’s most advanced business software companies, helping us deliver better, faster, and more cost-effective solutions.

How Can We Help

Technology strategy should be a logical extension of business strategy. With cost and cutting-edge innovation in mind, we can help you coordinate your employees and systems to adapt to bold technological changes.

Digital transformation brings entirely new demands and expectations to systems and architectures. We’ll update your entire technology stack to help you become a true technology-enabled leader.

Companies receive millions of cyberter attacks every month. That’s why tactical improvement is not enough. Our cyber security maturity assessment helps to develop strategies to avoid most attacks and to quickly recover that they can be successful.

Gain a new level of confidence in the success of large-scale technology transformation projects. Our structured approach helps us anticipate problems, mitigate risk, and make the right decisions to reach our goals.

Technology integration is a key and one of the most difficult elements of mergers and acquisitions. We help you avoid risk and turn this challenge into an important source of business value and competitive advantage.


  • Integrated, end-to-end IT-enabled business transformation: We not only advise you, but also work with you to implement the changes and verify the effectiveness of our solution for your company.
  • Global expertise, applied locally: Global Network Delivery Model allows rapid engagement scalability, right from analysis to implementation. Our high-caliber consultants have the competence to meet your local and global business requirements.
  •  Proven methodologies and fact-based approach: Our methodologies and solution accelerators incorporate our best practices and are set for uniform processes and accelerated deliveries. Our research and knowledge databases strengthen our fact-based approach to delivering best-in-class solutions.

Business Value

Our collective insight and best practices guarantee high-impact business results every time you partner with us. We believe that the best solutions come from collaborative relationships with our clients. As your global consultants, we will work closely with your organization across the transformation landscape and life cycle to understand your business goals, devise the most efficient strategy and implement the best solutions