Infrastructure Services

Today’s business environment makes it imperative that the dynamic infrastructure requirements align with your business needs. IT Infrastructure Services (IS) & Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) of ADA ITC deliver end-to-end, effective, and reliable solutions that can transform your business operations.

Client Challenges

  • Higher IT infrastructure spending with reduced budgets
  • Lack of transparency in infrastructure managed services
  • Service management integration within a multi-sourced IT environment
  • Inability to effectively respond to the changing infrastructure environment
  • Latency in information access and reduced reliability and scalability due to multiple locations across the globe

What ADA ITC Provides

ADA’s IT IS solutions provide you with superior service delivery and are aligned to your business metrics through our Best Practices engagement model.

With “optimal shoring,” we help you enhance business performance, improve margins, align technology with business priorities, reduce costs, improve service speed and flexibility, and achieve long-term success.

Our complete spectrum of services helps you build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure that is capable of meeting the dynamic needs of your businesses in a multi-sourcing scenario. Our offerings are based on the assess, build, manage and transform framework.

Our offerings include the following:

    • IT Service Desk
    • Data Center Management Services
    • End-User Computing Services
    • Application Management Services
    • Converged Network Services
    • Managed Security Services
    • Enterprise System Management
    • IT Service Management
    • Transformation Solutions
Transformation Solutions:

With emerging trends and technologies such as cloud computing and an on-demand IT environment, organizations seek consolidation, standardization, and rationalization. Our transformation offerings and solutions transform your IT environment from the current “as-is” state to the target “to-be” state leveraging an analytics-led transformation framework. These solutions provide elasticity and optimize costs toward an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure.

Business Value

  • Predictable and standardized processes
  • On-demand environment solutions to meet the dynamic business needs
  • Transparent infrastructure solutions that reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) with various tools and automation frameworks
  • Multi-sourced environment expertise to manage suppliers by assuring SLAs
  • Singular accountability for business performance with an Integrated Service Delivery Model
  • Enterprise-wide transformation framework that helps you achieve the “to-be” state from an “as-is” state
  • Continual improvement and innovation frameworks that leverage Service Improvement Plans