A drive for growth is the new business “normal”. Enterprises seek partners who can take care of their business processes so that they can focus on growth.

With its global reach, robust technology, and world-class people, ADA is that partner.

Client Challenges

  • Costly, inefficient, and ineffective processes lead to revenue loss and increased time-to-market
  • Decentralized and non-standardized operations
  • Limited and non-standard technology deployment with growing maintenance and refresh challenges
  • Limited availability of a skilled pool with the requisite domain knowledge together with high attrition
  • Scarcity of capital

What ADA Provides

ADA ITC is more than just a process delivery partner; we offer true transformation using the levers available to us learned over many years from multiple, global engagements and numerous industry domains.

We have enshrined this learning in our transformation methodology, which assists you in your journey toward best-in-class processes, delivering both efficiency and effectiveness.

Our domain expertise is unrivaled. We are unique in our ability to deliver value beyond SG&A processes. We not only reduce COGS but also identify and develop new revenue streams.

Business and engagement models must offer continuous innovation. Our commercial propositions match your imperatives and our wide range of platforms offer you a choice between capital and revenue spending.

Today’s world is built on information. It is, therefore, vital that executives have the right information at their fingertips. Whether your need is gaining consumer insights, managing fraud, undertaking predictive modeling, or analyzing risk, ADA ITC has the power to transform how you can manage your enterprise.

However, this must be underpinned by excellence in delivery. “Experience Certainty” is engrained in our business. Our Global Network Delivery Model™ approach employs and retains the best people in the industry globally. Our clients enjoy the same experience wherever in the world we deliver their services.

Business Value

 Partnership: Partnering in Business Success:

  • Work smarter
  • Improve risk management
  • Get to market faster

Leadership: Driving business processes:

  • Establish the current process maturity baseline
  • Identify target performance using benchmarks
  • Recommend and implement a road-map to achieve excellence

Results: Improving efficiencies and effectiveness:

  • Up to 25% through automation
  • Up to 100% benefit from process optimization
  • Up to 30% labor cost reduction